Roctane XD

STI Tire & Wheel continues to set new standards for creative innovation in the ATV/UTV tire industry with the introduction of the all-new Roctane XD. This new extreme duty radial tire is loaded with features to meet the highest demands of today’s machines and consumers.

For example, the Roctane XD’s 8-ply-rated radial carcass is built to confidently handle ever larger, faster and heavier UTV applications. With this requirement in mind, the Roctane is being rolled out in 11 sizes, including super-tall 30- and 32-inch models. Sizing is 25x8R-12, 25x10R-12, 26x9R-12, 26x11R-12, 26x9R-14, 26x11R-14, 27x9R-14, 27x11R-14, 28x10R-14, 30x10R-14 and 32x10R-14. Yes, that size range makes the Roctane XD a solid choice for many ATV applications as well.

A heavier denier nylon cord maximizes tire toughness while retaining flexibility for a comfortable ride. The Roctane’s unique, non-directional tread design and wide profile footprint deliver smooth, quiet operation and precise control.

STI’s exclusive new RocWall sidewall construction features reinforced lower sidewalls and extra-wide tread belts for added shoulder protection and stability. Add in super-deep RocGuard rim guards to protect even the thickest wheel lips from trail damage, and the result is the most reliable tire on the market. The Roctane XD’s specially formulated tread compound extends its life even further, yet it still grips the slickest rocks like a dedicated wall-crawler.

dwroctanetestimageWith so much going for it, most would expect to pay a premium price for the Roctane. That is not the case, however, as this new tire is being offered at a strikingly reasonable price.

The editors at Dirt Wheels Magazine had high praise for this new tire. For the whole story, click here.

STI Roctane XD tires are available at finer ATV/UTV dealers everywhere.

Check out the Roctane in action, courtesy of our friends at Ruthless Motor Sports.

An inside look at the Roctane's heavy-duty 8-ply-rated carcass, super-thick RocWall sidewall and extra-deep RocGuard rim guard.

An inside look at the Roctane’s heavy-duty 8-ply-rated carcass, super-thick RocWall sidewall and extra-deep RocGuard rim guard.