MotoArt Runs on STI

“I’m always building stuff, and before this project I thought, ‘What if there were no limits?’” That’s Chris Burke, owner of Marshall MotoArt, a design and fabrication shop that works with “everything metal” and is located in Ogden, Utah.

Burke had a plan in mind, and he had a deadline that would allow this project build to be a feature story on the “Destination Polaris” TV show. “I built the chassis and suspension from scratch,” said Burke. “I used a little bit of the RZR plastic, but this machine required a lot of work on the aluminum body.

The Marshall MotoArt Superleggera started with an all-aluminum frame replacing the stock steel unit to radically change the dimensions of the XP1000. Burke designed this as a single-seat vehicle, so he narrowed the RZR’s cab width by 5 inches. With a bullet in mind, Marshall lopped 17 inches off the cab height, then added eight inches to the length of the vehicle. The Superleggera bullet had to be strong, too, to support the four long suspension arms shooting from its mid section.

Burke enlisted K&T Performance as the engine builder; he’s worked with them before. And for tires and wheels, he said, “I thought STI Tire & Wheel had the coolest stuff out there, both tires and wheels, and I didn’t want to split it up.” For the vehicle’s uses in dirt, rocks and mud, it runs on 32-inch Roctane XD tires mounted on 14-inch HD5 beadlock wheels, or 34-inch Out & Back Max tires on 17-inch HD6 wheels.

“I built the whole thing in 2.5 months; you can look at my Instagram account – @MarshallMotoArt – to watch it come together. I had close to 1000 hours, working on it day and night.”

Burke’s next project? “You can street-legal these UTVs in a lot of places, including Utah, so I’m building a little F1 type car, with a wider two seat body and a Yamaha R1 sportbike motor.”

STI has just the tires and wheels for you.
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