WORCS – Round 8 update

Mike Sloan and Bryce Peart used their Tech 4 tires to earn runner-up finishes in their respective ATV classes during the WORCS Racing Series event at Iron Mine Race Park in Cedar City, UT. Sloan was second in the Pro race, while Peart earned the second spot on the podium in Pro-Am.

The Iron Mine course features a unique blend of hard-packed sand and whoops combined with several long air “ski jumps.” Its motocross course and endurocross sections with logs and tires added to the competitiveness of the track.

Sloan got back to business and moved one step closer to his first win of the season. Despite dusty conditions, he was on point all weekend.

“I’ve been having some bad luck, so it feels good to get closer to the top step of the box,” said Sloan. “I came out third at the start, ate some dust and made my well to second. I got a good solid second and I’m pretty pumped about the ride. The STI Tires were hooking up everywhere: in the soft stuff, the motocross track, everywhere. The Duncan motor was solid and pulled me through the track.”


Peart continued his competitive season, scoring his fourth podium of the season in Pro-Am ATV. He was running hard, and his sights set on the victory before a crash in the motocross section slowed his charge and put him second at the finish.

“I pumped up right off the bat so I had to let off,” said Peart. “I started to feel better that last couple of laps, but I crashed in the motocross section so I couldn’t catch up at the end. The STI Tires are awesome. I wouldn’t run anything else.”

Moving up in the Open A class, Daelen Etsitty finished second overall, racing a Duncan-sponsored Honda ATV.