HD9 Comp Lock Now in Bronze

STI introduces the Bronze-finish HD9 Comp Lock beadlock wheel. The new 14×7 inch wheel is built with the same durability and performance standards as the rest of the HD9 lineup. These Bronze HD9 wheels use a 10mm thick beadlock ring secured by 5/16-inch grade-8 hardware for strength. Each new wheel uses the classic 8-spoke design, and includes a pre-installed valve stem with a black sleeve and matching valve cap.

HD9 14 BronzeThe 14×7 Bronze HD9 is available in three different bolt patterns for a wide range of UTVs. STI HD9 Comp Lock wheels are also available in both Matte Black and Matte Black/Machined finishes in 15×7 sizes, plus special sand-dune performance versions in 14×8 and 14×10 sizes. All STI tires and wheels are sold by retailers across North America, through MTA Distributing (U.S.) and Motovan (Canada).

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