New 26-inch Roctane XD with Kevlar!

STI added Kevlar® belts to Roctane XD one year ago, and the tire quickly became a favorite of rock crawlers and riders looking for the ultimate in durability. Now that same traction and toughness is available in a 26-inch tire. 

Kevlar®, a lightweight synthetic fiber with five times the tensile strength of steel, has a bulletproof reputation that matches its application.With dual Kevlar® belts engineered in a cross-weave pattern running shoulder to shoulder on the new Roctane XD-K tires, STI Tire & Wheel triples the puncture resistance of this nearly impenetrable tire. The new Roctane XD-K also features a stiffened tread/sidewall compound that enhances the strength of the Kevlar®, making this tire’s 8-ply-rated radial carcass even more robust. The new construction gives the XD-K the pinnacle of Roctane “Xtreme Duty” performance.

XD-K_with kevlar-1280pxThis Roctane keeps the family’s unique, non-directional tread design and wide profile footprint that delivers smooth, quiet operation and precise control. Like other Roctane XDs, the XD-K uses a specially formulated tread compound that helps extend its life and lets it grip the slickest rocks like a dedicated wall-crawler. The Roctane XD-K tires are available in four sizes at authorized STI retailers, distributed exclusively in the U.S. by MTA Distributing and throughout Canada by Motovan. Check with your favorite retailer for retail pricing.