Tech 2 PRO – MXA Tested


The crew at Motocross Action magazine tested the new Tech 2 PRO tires recently. Check out the details of their review here.

The editors wrote:

  • “The STI Tech 2 PRO is vastly improved over the previous Tech 2 MXC rear tire. Billed as an intermediate-terrain tire, the Tech 2 PRO had awesome straight-line traction in everything from hard to soft dirt.
  • “It tracked well in ruts and hooked up aggressively in loose berms, thanks to the reduced land/sea ratio of the side knobs.”
  • “The four-ply construction should be very stiff, but since the front knobs are not reinforced with bridges or bars, the grip is better than we expected.”
  • “It didn’t do anything bad (like letting go without warning), and, thanks to its price, it would be a usable race tire for a rider on a budget.”
  • “It delivers good performance from hard to soft terrain, yet wears like iron. The tread pattern wore evenly across the face and kept performing even as it got older.”