LaFountaine Wins WORCS on Tech 2 PRO

Tallon LaFountaine pulled off his first victory in Pro 2 and Zach Bell finished third in Pro during the WORCS series motorcycle events at Mesquite MX in Arizona on Oct. 8. LaFountaine used experience from the 450A race to find the lines necessary to win in the Pro 2 event. The combination of a hard-packed clay motocross track along with deep and loose sand made for one of the more challenging courses of the season. Thankfully, his STI tires pulled him through.

“I got to the line late for the 450A race, so I had to come from the back and nearly won it,” said LaFountaine, who races on Tech 2 PRO tires. “I think that helped me in the Pro 2 race because I was pushing so hard.” LaFountaine hadn’t planned to run the entire season. However, after finishing second in the third round at Lake Havasu, he decided to try to run as many events as he could to gear up for a full season in 2019.

“It was nice to finally get the monkey off my back,” said LaFountaine. “I work hard and it feels good to get a victory. I’m new to this, and it’s tougher than I thought it would be. The reason I’m out here is to learn everything I can. The sport is really going in the right direction so this is the right time for me to be doing this.”

Bell had mechanical issues with his bike from the start of the Pro event, so handling was key to him finishing on the podium. The finish kept him in the hunt for the championship with just one race left this season.

“We couldn’t get the bike started until right at the start, but it’s racing so I went out there and did what I could,” said Bell. “I got some points and I’m still in the championship hunt. I love the sand, but it was hard because I couldn’t ride the bike to its full potential. The harder I rode it, the more it would bog and shut off. It was a brutal and demanding course, but it’s my favorite on the tour so far.”

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