Tech 2 MXC DOT

The Tech 2 MXC is now DOT marked! Thanks to an updated carcass, this extremely versatile 80/20 intermediate terrain tire – delivering exceptional performance and value – is now proven for the road too. The durability of the Tech 2 MXC is already proven in Baja and Rally competition. Skyler Howe, racing with the Garrett Off-Road Racing team, won the 2018 Sonora Rally using one set of Tech 2 MXC tires, and he finished third in the rugged Baja 500. These are the same tires you can buy at your favorite powersports retailer.

The tire’s 4-ply carcass yields an ideal balance of durability and handling. The Tech 2 MXC allows riders to cross over into several different riding styles or terrains, meeting the needs of a rapidly expanding dual-sport market.

An advanced rubber compound gives the tires their exceptionally low wear rate. A semi-wide tread pattern helps deliver outstanding traction and control on both soft and hard surfaces. The intermediate profile incorporates larger tread volume on the shoulder for enhanced cornering grip and acceleration.

Riders now have even more opportunity to ride, race, and enjoy the already versatile Tech 2 MXC tires. Visit for details.

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