Magical Moab – Rally On The Rocks

Out here, on the rocks around Moab, tires mean everything.

STI is been a mainstay in the history of Rally on the Rocks, and we usually unveil new products at this event, giving regulars the chance to see the future! Our best-selling tire was actually born from Rally on the Rocks testing. Years ago, we saw the need for a tire that could get traction, be tough enough to withstand punctures, and last a long time. That tire – the Roctane XD – has changed the off-road game forever.

At the 2019 Rally on the Rocks in magical Moab, Utah, we gave riders sneak peeks at more new tires, and we’re confident that these new tire and wheel sizes are also going to be game changers. If you didn’t get a chance to see them in person at this year’s Rally, don’t worry, we’ll be releasing them soon.

Meanwhile in the present, the STI Roctane XD remains a popular tire out at Rally on the Rocks; we saw many drivers mastering Moab rocks with these tires. Drivers used a range of STI tires to conquer Moab trails during the 2019 ROTR. The versatile STI Chicane RX tire was the choice of several official ROTR trail guides. These experienced drivers lead rides at Rally on the Rocks, and they love Chicane RX tires for the performance they offere on the slick rock, sand, and dirt. We also spotted rigs equipped with the 10-ply X Comp tires and the new Roctane X2 also a 10 ply.

We love the Rally on the Rocks and the Moab experience, for views of STI tires and beautiful vistas too!