All-New Off-Road Tubes

After testing in difficult terrain and high-performance riding, the new Tech 2 off-road tubes are ready. STI’s goal is always to provide the performance-focused products you need to enjoy off-road riding, on two wheels or four. Completely updated and repackaged, the new STI Tech 2 Tubes will serve your riding needs.

With three thickness options and a total of 19 different sizes, the new Tech 2 Off-Road Motorcycle Tubes are the right choice for your needs. All made from high-quality butyl rubber, the new tubes are more flexible which means less abrasion so the tubes run cooler and last longer. The new tubes feature reinforced valve stem construction, and improved extrusion controls provide consistent material thickness.

At 2mm thick, the “Heavy Duty” model is 50 percent thicker than most standard tubes on the market today. The “Extreme Duty” butyl rubber uses a 3mm spec, making it 30 percent beefier than most heavy-duty tubes now available. The “Ultra Duty” tubes utilize a nearly bombproof 4mm thickness.

Tech 2 Motorcycle Tubes are for off-road use only.