Honda Talon & X Comp

The editors at UTVGuide.net took a new Honda Talon, added STI X Comp tires on HD9 Beadlocks, and ran a few hundred miles of rough terrain. You can read the entire report on the UTVGuide.net site, and check out a few highlights and images below.

UTVGuide said:

  • It’s a wonderful car that offers a lot to the enthusiast who spends most of their time away from the sand dunes. Plush suspension, ample bottoming resistance, great turn-in, and a competent drivetrain are among the highlights.
  • STI has done extensive research and on-car testing with both prototype Talon units and their own company-owned Talon 1000R, and the 14’s they offer do indeed fit.
  • STI has done their homework and currently offers 14 and 15 inch wheels with offsets that will fit the Talon X and R.
  • The setup we tested was as follows:
    • FRONT WHEEL: 14×7 HD9 Comp Lock Wheel. 6+1 offset (+50mm) Matte Black/Machined finish PN #14HB908
      REAR WHEEL: 14×7 HD9 Comp Lock Wheel. 5+2 offset (+30mm) Matte Black/Machined finish PN #14HB907
  • Currently, the 5+2 offset rear wheel subtracts about an inch of overall width from the Talon R’s track, but STI will have 4+3 offset Talon-specific wheels on sale in about 60 days that match the OE offset perfectly.
  • Turn-in and initial bite are laser-focused, and these X Comp tires have enough grip to really let the Talon’s suspension shine in rough corners.
  • The Talon 1000R feels like it was designed for a 30″ tire. The transmission shifts perfectly, the engine packs plenty of torque to turn the tire, and we were able to run it to a GPS-indicated 76 mph before it ran out of steam.
  • The 6+1 offset wheel keeps the tire centerline very close to the steering’s axis of movement.

To find more details, check out the X Comp ATR product page, and the HD9 6+1 product page.

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