High Performance, Value & Your Style

Our HD Beadlock wheels give you confidence that your tires and wheels will stay as one. Security first: The HD Beadlock’s integral-mount beadlock ring ensures the tire bead stays on the wheel, even when using lower pressures and applying high side loading. That beadlock ring installs quickly and is engineered to reduce debris buildup.

Three unique finish treatments give you style options; the Slik-Kote option adds mud-shedding performance, too. You can even add colored beadlock rings to further the customization. Choose a color to match your ride, or pick the raw ring and finish it yourself.

The HD Beadlock wheels are available in 12x7 and 14x7 sizes, fitting the most popular UTV and utility ATV models.

More Info

  1. Wheel features a super-strong reinforced inner bead lip.
  2. Slik-Kote finish option looks good and sheds mud.
  3. Colored rings available to match your vehicle.
  4. Ring mounts easily and with tight tolerance to wheel.

Sizes & Specs:

HD Beadlock
12x74/1105+2Matte Black12HB120
12x74/1564+3Matte Black12HB123
12x74/1375+2Matte Black12HB127
14x74/1564+3Machined w/ Black14HB103
14x74/1564+3Slik-Kote (Dark Grey)14HB113
14x74/1105+2Matte Black14HB120
14x74/1564+3Matte Black14HB123
14x74/1375+2Matte Black14HB127
14x74/1155+2Matte Black14HB129
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications.
Beadlock Rings
12 inchRaw12HBR4
12 inchMatte Black12HBR5
12 inchRed12HBR6
12 inchBlue12HBR7
12 inchYellow12HBR8
12 inchOrange12HBR9
12 inchGreen12HBR10
12 inchCandy Red12HBR11
12 inchCandy Blue12HBR12
14 inchMachined w/Gloss Black14HBR1
14 inchMachined w/Slik Kote14HBR2
14 inchRaw14HBR4
14 inchMatte Black14HBR5
14 inchRed14HBR6
14 inchBlue14HBR7
14 inchYellow14HBR8
14 inchOrange14HBR9
14 inchGreen14HBR10
14 inchCandy Red14HBR11
14 inchCandy Blue14HBR12

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