Your Size. Your Style. HD10

The STI HD10 wheels bring a fresh level of style and a higher level of size to the HD Alloy family with 20-inch applications, plus 15-inch, 14-inch and 12-inch sizes. These wheels are built with the same strength and durability as all HD Alloy wheels, and come with the STI lifetime warranty.

With their classic 8-spoke style and clean look, the HD10 wheels feature chrome bolt accents on top of three finish styles - gloss black, gloss black with machined, and matte black with smoke. A small and low-profile center cap bolts on securely. The wheels are designed to work with most stock Polaris lug nuts for convenience.

More Info

  1. Clean and classic 8-spoke style.
  2. Larger lug hole counter bore allows 17mm hex lug use.
  3. Small, low-profile, bolt-on center cap.
  4. 1000-pound load ratings and reinforced inner and outer wheel lips for extra strength.
  5. Lug Nuts not included - See dealer to order.

Sizes & Specs:

12x74/1105+2 (+10mm)Gloss Black / Machined12HD1000
12x74/1102+5 (-47mm)Gloss Black / Machined12HD1001
14x74/1105+2 (+30mm)Gloss Black / Machined14HD1000
14x74/1565+2 (+30mm)Gloss Black / Machined14HD1003
14x74/1375+2 (+30mm)Gloss Black / Machined14HD1007
14x74/1105+2 (+30mm)Matte Black / Smoke14HD1010
14x74/1565+2 (+30mm)Matte Black / Smoke14HD1013
14x74/1375+2 (+30mm)Matte Black / Smoke14HD1017
14x74/1105+2 (+30mm)Gloss Black14HD1020
14x74/1565+2 (+30mm)Gloss Black14HD1023
14x74/1375+2 (+30mm)Gloss Black14HD1027
15x74/1565+2 (+40mm)Gloss Black15HD1023
15x74/1375+2 (+40mm)Gloss Black15HD1027
20x74/1564+3 (+10mm)Gloss Black / Machined20HD1003
20x74/1374+3 (+10mm)Gloss Black / Machined20HD1007
20x74/1564+3 (+10mm)Matte Black / Smoke20HD1013
20x74/1374+3 (+10mm)Matte Black / Smoke20HD1017
20x74/1564+3 (+10mm)Gloss Black20HD1023
20x74/1374+3 (+10mm)Gloss Black20HD1027
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications.
Lug Nuts not included with wheels - see dealer to order lug nuts.

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