Bigger. Stronger. Beadlock.

The HD5 Beadlock line is also available in a 15 x 7 size. It features stronger 5/16-inch plated beadlock hardware to best handle the demands of today’s machines. These HD5 Beadlocks are crafted to deliver the same strength and style as the trusted 14-inch HD5 Beadlock wheels. And like all STI HD Alloy wheels, the 15x7 Beadlocks are manufactured durability. As proof, they are backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

More Info

  1. Beadlock ring uses super-strong 5/16-inch plated hardware.
  2. Each wheel’s inner bead lip is reinforced for durability.
  3. 1000-pound load ratings can handle today’s heavyweight UTVs.
  4. Bronze, Matte Black or Machined & Gloss Black finish.

HD5 Beadlock 15x7
15x74/1565+2Machined & Gloss Black15HB503
15x74/1375+2Machined & Gloss Black15HB507
15x74/1105+2Matte Black15HB520
15x74/1565+2Matte Black15HB523
15x74/1375+2Matte Black15HB527
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications.
15 inchBronze15HB5R15
15 inchGloss Black15HB5R2
15 inchRaw15HB5R4
15 inchMatte Black15HB5R5
15 inchRed15HB5R6
15 inchBlue15HB5R7
15 inchOrange15HB5R9

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