High-Performance Style

The STI HD6 UTV wheels deliver singular style with strength that lasts. The Matte Black HD6 are available in 14x7 and 14x9 sizing for today’s high-performance heavyweight UTVs and ATVs. The 14x9 wheels give sand-duners even better flotation across the dunes. You should also check out the HD6 Radiant wheels in stunning Red, Blue and Orange finish styles.


More Info

  1. Beadlock ring receives strengthened hardware for increased tire-clamping pressure.
  2. Each wheel’s inner bead lip is reinforced for durability.
  3. 1000-pound load rating.
  4. Matte Black or Machined & Gloss Black finish.
  5. Lug Nuts not included - See dealer to order.

Sizes & Specs

HD6 Matte Black
14x74/1564+3 (+5mm)Matte Black14HD623
14x74/1375+2 (+10mm)Matte Black14HD627
14x94/1565+4 (+5mm)Matte Black14HD6239
14x94/1375+4 (+10mm)Matte Black14HD6279
14x74/1105+2 (+10mm)Gloss Black/Machined14HD600
14x74/1564+3 (+5mm)Gloss Black/Machined14HD603
14x74/1375+2 (+10mm)Gloss Black/Machined14HD607
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications. 
Lug Nuts not included with wheels - see dealer to order lug nuts.

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