Style, Size, Performance - HD6

The HD6 wheels deliver singular machined-and-black style with a clear-coat protective finish. Part of STI's HD Alloy wheel family, the HD6 wheels are available in 14-inch sizes. All HD6 wheels have 1000-pound load ratings, making them perfect for today’s UTVs and large ATVs. Heavy-duty wheel-lip reinforcements add to the strength and durability. Like other wheels in the STI HD Alloy family, the HD6 wheels are backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

HD6 wheels are also available in three unique Radiant colors - Red, Blue, and Orange - in 14x7 sizing. A clear-coat finish helps protect the vibrant hues.

More Info

  1. Sand-specific sizing for great dune performance.
  2. 14-inch sizes available.
  3. 1000-pound load ratings and reinforced wheel lip for extra strength.
  4. Machined with Gloss Black finish, as well as Matte Black, get clear-coat protection.
  5. Lug Nuts not included - See dealer to order.

Sizes & Specs

14x74/1105+2 (+10mm)Machined w/ Gloss Black14HD600
14x74/1564+3 (+5mm)Machined w/ Gloss Black14HD603
14x74/1375+2 (+10mm)Machined w/ Gloss Black14HD607
14x74/1564+3 (+5mm)Matte Black14HD623
14x74/1375+2 (+10mm)Matte Black14HD627
14x94/1565+4 (+5mm)Matte Black14HD6239
14x94/1375+4 (+10mm)Matte Black14HD6279
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications.
Lug Nuts not included with wheels - see dealer to order lug nuts.

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