Supersized! New HD7 Series Wheels

With a king-size 18-inch wheel towering atop the lineup - plus 17-inch and 14-inch sizes - the mega HD7 wheels from STI Tire & Wheel present bold new style plus acclaimed HD Alloy performance to enthusiasts who want to move up, way up. The new 14x7 2+5 offset is designed as a rear-wheel application for straight-axle ATVs. The HD7's unique style features six split spokes with an open design that keeps weight low and enhances the distinct appearance. The Matte Black-Smoke finish serves up shadowy silver spokes with matching mill cuts circling the rim. The Matte Black-Machined style presents a steely contrast. The center cap on each wheel, with bold new "HD Alloy" graphics, bolts on for extra secure connection.

More Info

  1. Split-spoke design keeps wheel light and looks great.
  2. Matte Black & Machined finish with matching mill-cut rim work.
  3. Matte Black & Smoke finish features shadowy silver highlights and matching mill cuts.
  4. 1000-pound load ratings and reinforced wheel lip for extra strength.

Sizes & Specs:

18x74/1564+3Matte Black & Machined18HD703
18x74/1375+2Matte Black & Machined18HD707
18x74/1564+3Matte Black & Smoke18HD713
18x74/1375+2Matte Black & Smoke18HD717
17x74/1564+3Matte Black & Machined17HD703
17x74/1375+2Matte Black & Machined17HD707
17x74/1564+3Matte Black & Smoke17HD713
17x74/1375+2Matte Black & Smoke17HD717
14x74/1105+2Matte Black & Machined14HD700
14x74/1102+5Matte Black & Machined14HD701
14x74/1564+3Matte Black & Machined14HD703
14x74/1375+2Matte Black & Machined14HD707
14x74/1105+2Matte Black & Smoke14HD710
14x74/1102+5Matte Black & Smoke14HD711
14x74/1564+3Matte Black & Smoke14HD713
14x74/1375+2Matte Black & Smoke14HD717
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications.

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