HD7 Wheels in Amazing Color!

We've taken the exciting new HD7 wheels and added radical radiant color. Bold new style plus acclaimed HD Alloy performance for enthusiasts who want to move up, way up. The HD7's unique style features six split spokes with an open design that keeps weight low and enhances the distinct appearance. Each of the three Radiant colors is completed with a clear-coat protective finish for added durability. The center cap on each wheel, with bold new "HD Alloy" graphics, bolts on for extra secure connection.

More Info

  1. Split-spoke design keeps wheels light and looks great.
  2. Radiant Colors include Red, Blue and Orange in shades that mimic your machine.
  3. All are completed with a protective clear-coat finish.
  4. 1000-pound load ratings and reinforced wheel lip for extra strength.

Sizes & Specs:

HD7 Radiant
17x74/1564+3Radiant Blue17HD703-BLU
17x74/1564+3Radiant Orange17HD703-ORG
17x74/1564+3Radiant Red17HD703-RED
14x74/1105+2Radiant Blue14HD700-BLU
14x74/1105+2Radiant Red14HD700-RED
14x74/1375+2Radiant Red14HD707-RED
14x74/1564+3Radiant Blue14HD703-BLU
14x74/1564+3Radiant Orange14HD703-ORG
14x74/1564+3Radiant Red14HD703-RED
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications.

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