Maintain Your UTV's Factory Width!

Maintain your UTV’s factory width using the all-new STI HD9 6+1 Comp Lock beadlock wheel. In 14x7 and 15x7 sizes, these new 6+1 (50mm positive offset) fitments help vehicles maintain OEM width in most applications, including new 72-inch wide and 50-inch trail legal models. This positive wheel offset also reduces scrub radius to optimize handling, especially on a 72-inch wide vehicle.

These HD9 wheels feature a new, low-profile and small-diameter center cap that bolts to the wheel securely. And the wheels work with most Polaris OEM lug nuts for convenience. Check 'em out, in both Matte Black, and Matte Black / Machined.

More Info

  1. 50mm positive offset helps keep your UTV at factory width.
  2. 10mm thick billet beadlock ring and 5/16 grade-8 hardware.
  3. Works with most Polaris OEM lug nuts.
  4. 1200-pound load rating.

Sizes & Specs

HD9 6+1 Comp Lock
14x74/1566+1 (+50mm)Matte Black / Machined14HB905
14x74/1376+1 (+50mm)Matte Black / Machined14HB908
14x74/1566+1 (+50mm)Matte Black14HB925
14x74/1376+1 (+50mm)Matte Black14HB928
15x74/1566+1 (+50mm)Matte Black / Machined15HB905
15x74/1376+1 (+50mm)Matte Black / Machined15HB908
15x74/1566+1 (+50mm)Matte Black15HB925
15x74/1376+1 (+50mm)Matte Black15HB928
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications.

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