Baja Proven Beadlock Performance

The HD9 beadlock wheel delivers Baja-proven performance in a classic 8-spoke design; it’s our strongest beadlock wheel line. The 10mm thick beadlock ring is secured by 5/16-inch grade-8 hardware for strength. The HD9 Comp Lock is available with a variety of color ring choices for both the 14-inch and the 15-inch wheels. No matter which wheel finish you choose - Black, Machined, Chrome, or Bronze - you can choose a beadlock ring option that fits your style.

More Info

  1. Larger lug hole counter bore allows 17mm hex lug use.
  2. 10mm thick billet beadlock ring and 5/16 grade-8 hardware.
  3. Pre-installed valve stem with black sleeve and matching cap.
  4. 1200-pound load rating.

Sizes & Specs

14 inchMachined14HB9R2
14 inchRaw14HB9R4
14 inchMatte Black14HB9R5
14 inchRed14HB9R6
14 inchBlue14HB9R7
14 inchYellow14HB9R8
14 inchOrange14HB9R9
14 inchGloss White14HB9R13
14 inchBronze14HB9R15
14 inchRed/Milled14HB9R16
14 inchBlue/Milled14HB9R17
14 inchMatte Black/Milled14HB9R18
14 inchChrome14HB9R19
15 inchMatte Black15HB9R5
15 inchMatte Black/Milled15HB9R18
15 inchChrome15HB9R19

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