Baja Proven Beadlock Performance

The HD9 beadlock wheel delivers Baja-proven performance in a classic 8-spoke design; it’s our strongest beadlock wheel line. The 10mm thick beadlock ring is secured by 5/16-inch grade-8 hardware for strength. The HD9 beadlock is available in in 14-inch, 15-inch and 18-inch sizes, and in two finish options, Matte Black and Matte Black / Machined. Plus, a Bronze finish is available in 14-inch sizing. You can buy optional machine-matching color beadlock rings for 14-inch wheels too. This beadlock wheel includes a pre-installed valve stem with a black sleeve and matching cap. This ultra-strong beadlock wheel is built for competition, whether you’re racing Baja or just beating your buddy up the rocky climb.

NOTE: 10-inch wide sizing is recommended for sand tires and sand dune use only.

More Info

  1. Larger lug hole counter bore allows 17mm hex lug use.
  2. 10mm thick billet beadlock ring and 5/16 grade-8 hardware.
  3. Pre-installed valve stem with black sleeve and matching cap.
  4. 1200-pound load rating.
  5. Lug Nuts not included - See dealer to order.

Sizes & Specs

HD9 Comp Lock
14x74/1105+2 (+30mm)Bronze14HB930
14x74/1565+2 (+30mm)Bronze14HB933
14x74/1375+2 (+30mm)Bronze14HB937
14x74/1105+2 (+30mm)Matte Black / Machined14HB900
14x74/1565+2 (+30mm)Matte Black / Machined14HB903
14x74/1375+2 (+30mm)Matte Black / Machined14HB907
14x74/1374+3 (0mm)Matte Black / Machined14HB909
14x74/1105+2 (+30mm)Matte Black14HB920
14x74/1565+2 (+30mm)Matte Black14HB923
14x74/1375+2 (+30mm)Matte Black14HB927
14x74/1374+3 (0mm)Matte Black14HB929
14x84/1104+4 (0mm)Matte Black / Machined14HB9008
14x84/1564+4 (0mm)Matte Black / Machined14HB9038
14x84/1374+4 (0mm)Matte Black / Machined14HB9078
14x84/1104+4 (0mm)Matte Black14HB9208
14x84/1564+4 (0mm)Matte Black14HB9238
14x84/1374+4 (0mm)Matte Black14HB9278
14x104/1105+5 (0mm)Matte Black / Machined14HB90010
14x104/1565+5 (0mm)Matte Black / Machined14HB90310
14x104/1375+5 (0mm)Matte Black / Machined14HB90710
14x104/1105+5 (0mm)Matte Black14HB92010
14x104/1565+5 (0mm)Matte Black14HB92310
14x104/1375+5 (0mm)Matte Black14HB92710
15x74/1565+2 (+30mm)Matte Black / Machined15HB903
15x74/1375+2 (+30mm)Matte Black / Machined15HB907
15x74/1374+3 (0mm)Matte Black / Machined15HB909
15x74/1565+2 (+30mm)Matte Black15HB923
15x74/1375+2 (+30mm)Matte Black15HB927
15x74/1374+3 (0mm)Matte Black15HB929
15x104/1565+5 (0mm)Matte Black15HB92310
15x104/1375+5 (0mm)Matte Black15HB92710
18x74/1566+1 (+45mm)Matte Black / Machined18HB903
18x74/1376+1 (+45mm)Matte Black / Machined18HB907
18x74/1566+1 (+45mm)Matte Black18HB923
18x74/1376+1 (+45mm)Matte Black18HB927
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications.
NOTE: 10-in. wide sizing is recommended for sand tires and sand dune use only.
Lug Nuts not included with wheels - see dealer to order lug nuts.
14 inchMachined14HB9R2
14 inchRaw14HB9R4
14 inchMatte Black14HB9R5
14 inchRed14HB9R6
14 inchBlue14HB9R7
14 inchOrange14HB9R9
14 inchGloss White14HB9R13
15 inchMatte Black15HB9R5

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