Sand Wedge

The STI Sand Wedge offers a number of unique features and benefits.

STI Tire & Wheel, manufacturer of top-rated ATV/UTV tires and wheels such as the Black Diamond and HD Alloy Series, is proud to announce its expansion into the off-road motorcycle market with the introduction of the all-new Sand Wedge MX. The STI Sand Wedge is a rear paddle tire offering several important features and benefits that set it aside from current dirt bike duning products.

For example, the Sand Wedge utilizes a unique center rib in its tread area. This innovative design provides much more predictable cornering characteristics than a typical paddle tire, as well as truer straight-line stability. This center rib also protects the paddles on hard terrain, greatly increasing tire life while at the same time delivering a smoother ride.

The STI Sand Wedge uses a lightweight 3-ply carcass in a 110/90-19 size with a choice of two paddle configurations. An 8-paddle option provides an ideal level of traction for 125-250cc motorcycles, while a 10-paddle model is built specifically for 450cc and larger dirt bikes. The paddles are 1.2 inches tall.

Superior handling, traction and durability make the Sand Wedge a winner in the dunes, while its economical price makes it a winner at the cash register too.