High-Performance Handling & Traction

NEW: 31-inch for 14-inch wheels! The Chicane RX tire combination results from STI’s years of hands-on experience and proven testing that has produced a broad line of high-performance tires and wheels. Featuring a unique split-knob non-directional tread design, the Chicane RX line is DOT marked and ready to hit the road for powerful performance and high-mileage value. The design’s 8-ply carcass offers the perfect mix of durability, light weight, and smooth ride flexibility.

The Chicane RX is proving itself as a race tire early in the 2016 season. In "Best In The Desert" racing action, the Chicane is helping racers finish in the top 10 by providing top-notch traction and reliable performance.

STI's Chicane RX tires serve owners well with high-performance features including a deep rim guard and a reinforced bead/lower sidewall that allows lower PSI operation. The result is maximum tire performance and durability over a variety of terrain, without the need to run overly high PSI to avoid flats.

More Info

  1. Split-knob, non-directional tread design.
  2. Durable and light 8-ply carcass gives a smooth ride.
  3. Reinforced bead and lower sidewall, plus deep rim guard.
  4. Max performance and strength with no need to run overly psi.

Sizes & Specs

Chicane RX
26 / 10R-12826.10.618.0783 lbs.29.0001-1413
27 / 10R-14827.20.618.0805 lbs.30.0001-1423
28 / 10R-14828.10.618.0853 lbs.31.7001-1425
30 / 10R-14830.20.618.0963 lbs.37.4001-1427
31 / 10R-14831.00.618.0992 lbs.38.0001-1428
30 / 10R-15830.30.618.0937 lbs.36.5001-1442
32 / 10R-15832.10.618.01074 lbs.42.0001-1447
See vehicle label or owners manual for operating pressure

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