Roctane XR - Trail Tamers

STI revolutionizes the Roctane with the XR family of tires, led by a 35-inch trail-tamer tire made for 18-inch wheels (like the all-new STI HD9 18-inch). The XR line also includes four more sizes, from 28- to 33-inch tires. With their 9.5-inch wide sizing and new 8-ply rated radial carcass, the Roctane XRs deliver lightweight, all-terrain performance at a great price.  

With the changes they engineered, STI was able to deliver tires that are 20- to 30-percent lighter than similar-sized Roctane XD tires, and are available at retail prices up to 30-percent lower. And performance was not sacrificed.

Starting with the original Roctane XD, STI re-imagined a lighter, all-terrain, trail-oriented tire to make the new Roctane XR. With superior traction and precise handling, the Roctane XR tires set a higher standard for all-terrain traction, with handling that's on the money - for less money.

  1. 9.5 inch profile.
  2. 8-ply rated radial, durable, traction monster.
  3. Designed for premium handling and light weight.
  4. Multi-angle tread blocks with dimples and ample biting edges.

Sizes & Specs

Roctane XR
28 / 9.5R-14828.00.818.0954 lbs.30.6209-1925
30 / 9.5R-14830.00.818.01089 lbs.34.5209-1927
32 / 9.5R-14832.00.818.01176 lbs.37.4209-1929
33 / 9.5R-15833.00.818.01230 lbs.39.2209-1948
35 / 9.5R-18835.00.818.01371 lbs.42.9209-1949
See vehicle label or owners manual for operating pressure

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