Proven Race-Winning Speed & Durability

The STI Tech 2 PRO high-performance intermediate MX tires are built from more than two years of MX and off-road testing. STI tire engineers and professional MX/Off-Road racers teamed up to produce pro-level tires that combine holeshot-grabbing traction with race-winning durability. These tires are already proving themselves by helping win MX and off-road races.

The Tech 2 PRO tires use a varied-pitch tread in a pattern with fewer center knobs and a concentrated shoulder formation to maximize performance in both loose and packed terrain conditions. Engineers strategically tuned the PRO’s lightweight carcass for the optimum balance of stiffness and flex. This maximizes the contact patch for best traction, and preserves bump-absorption characteristics, keeping the tires planted for performance.

The tire compound helps the Tech 2 PRO hook up on hard-terrain MX conditions, and lets the tire excel in harsh off-road conditions. These motocross tires provide durability that will be appreciated by top racers at a price trail riders will admire.

  1. A true intermediate tread pattern that actually excels in both loose and semi-hardpack conditions.
  2. 4-ply carcass tuned for best balance of stiffness (traction) and flex (bump absorption).
  3. Long-lasting rubber and tread designed for traction and control in high-performance settings.

Sizes & Specs

80/100-21416/3210 - 1551M8.8STP22111A
110/100-18420/3210 - 1564M13.0STP21815
120/100-18420/3210 - 1565M13.5STP21817
100/90-19420/3210 - 1557M11.5STP21913
110/90-19420/3210 - 1562M12.0STP21915
120/80-19420/3210 - 1563M12.5STP21917

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