Warranty Request – Tires

Warranty Information: You can click here to access the STI Tires Limited Warranty policy (opens a pdf).

This warranty states, in part: STI Tire & Wheel warrants, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations stated here, its ATV/UTV tire products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. STI’s liability for tires shall be limited to replacement with a new STI tire of the same size and type. NOTE: Complete processing of any warranty claim may require returning damaged products to STI for inspection.

  1. Applies only to the original consumer purchaser, for 2 years from purchase date; warranty is not transferable.
    1a. Warranty claims submitted after 2 years from purchase date will be reviewed individually, and any warranty adjustments will be made based on tread wear, at the sole discretion of STI.
  2. Requires proof of purchase, including photo or scan of original sales receipt showing purchase date plus retailer name and contact information.
  3. Warranty-claim tires must be returned to the original selling dealer, or to STI.
  4. Does NOT cover mounting and balancing charges.
  5. Does NOT apply to tires used in racing and competition.
  6. Does NOT apply to tires damaged by road and trail hazards – including punctures, cuts, and/or tears.
  7. Does NOT apply to tires damaged by overloading, under inflation (often causing pinch flats), improper mounting, and/or fitment to incorrect rim.
  8. Does NOT apply to blem tires for cosmetic defects.

Warranty Request: If you have an issue with an STI tire, please complete the form below. To expedite your request, complete all elements of this form, and attach photos as requested. This will save you time, and will help us address your issue promptly and efficiently. To help identify the serial number on your tire, please see the sample photo (right). We strive to deliver excellent customer service, and we look forward to assisting you.

Along with the serial number photo for each defective tire, submit a photo of the tire’s defective area demonstrating the leak. To show the leak: Inflate the tire to 15 P.S.I. and spray a soap/water mix on the suspect bead, sidewall or tread area until air bubbles are visible. Photograph the leaking area of the tire showing the air bubbles.

Requires proof of purchase, including photo or scan of original sales receipt showing purchase date plus retailer name and contact information.

Note: You must submit photos explained above for each defective tire on your warranty claim. For example; if you have 4 defective tires you will need to submit a total of 8 photos which will include 4 tire air-leak photos and 4 serial number photos.

This form will accept photos (.jpg files) of 3 mb or less.

Canadian customers: All Canadian customers (no exceptions) must contact their local ATV or UTV dealer for any warranty assistance. Motovan Corporation is the exclusive distributor of STI products in Canada, and all warranty claims (no exceptions) will be processed by Motovan.

Thank you, STI Tire & Wheel

  • Add your phone number to speed up response time. (U.S. numbers only).
  • (No P.O. Boxes)
  • Receipt must show purchase date, plus retailer name and dealer contact information.
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png.