The Future of Beadlock Performance

STI introduces the HD A1, an all-new beadlock wheel that sets the stage for the future of beadlock performance. Focused on strength for today’s newer and faster UTVs, the HD A1 wheel features a 10mm billet beadlock ring secured with 5/16-inch grade 8 hardware. Combined with the wheel’s classic Baja style, this 12-spoke beauty improves the look and ride of any UTV. And with universal applications and 5+2 (+40mm) offset, the HD A1 fits nearly every UTV.

STI HD A1 Beadlock wheels have a 1200-pound load rating. They are available in Machined and Matte Black - both with durable clear coat finishes - in 14x7 and 15x7 sizes. STI tires and wheels are sold by retailers across North America, through MTA Distributing (U.S.) and Motovan (Canada).

  1. 10mm billet beadlock ring.
  2. 5/16-inch Grade 8 hardware.
  3. 1200-pound load rating.
  4. 5+2 (+40mm) offset fits nearly every UTV.

Sizes & Specs

HD A1 Beadlock
14x74/1565+2 (+40mm)Machined14HA103
14x74/1375+2 (+40mm)Machined14HA107
14x74/1565+2 (+40mm)Matte Black14HA123
14x74/1375+2 (+40mm)Matte Black14HA127
15x74/1565+2 (+40mm)Machined15HA103
15x74/1375+2 (+40mm)Machined15HA107
15x74/1565+2 (+40mm)Matte Black15HA123
15x74/1375+2 (+40mm)Matte Black15HA127
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications.

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