Long-Lasting Rugged Character

STI’s HD3 wheels, a valued member of the HD Alloy family, are available in two distinctive finishes, Machined with gloss black accents, and solid Gloss Black. Several offsets and bolt patterns make the eye-catching HD3 perfect for application on most popular ATV and side-by-side UTV models.

Low-profile center caps included with each wheel are perfectly matched to each finish. Like all STI HD Alloy series wheels, the lightweight HD3 comes with a lifetime structural warranty, by way of its unique inner and outer heavy-duty wheel lip reinforcement. The HD3 is as tough as it is classy, boasting load ratings of 1000 lb. for both the 12- and 14-inch models.

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Sizes & Specs:

12x74/1105+2Gloss Black w/ Machined12HD300
12x74/1102+5Gloss Black w/ Machined12HD301
12x74/1564+3Gloss Black w/ Machined12HD303
12x74/1375+2Gloss Black w/ Machined12HD307
12x74/1105+2Gloss Black12HD310
12x74/1102+5Gloss Black12HD311
12x74/1564+3Gloss Black12HD313
12x74/1375+2Gloss Black12HD317
14x74/1105+2Gloss Black w/ Machined14HD300
14x74/1102+5Gloss Black w/ Machined14HD301
14x74/1564+3Gloss Black w/ Machined14HD303
14x74/1565+2Gloss Black w/ Machined14HD303N
14x74/1375+2Gloss Black w/ Machined14HD307
14x74/1376+1Gloss Black w/ Machined14HD307N
14x74/1155+2Gloss Black w/ Machined14HD309
14x74/1156+1Gloss Black w/ Machined14HD309N
14x74/1105+2Gloss Black14HD310
14x74/1102+5Gloss Black14HD311
14x74/1564+3Gloss Black14HD313
14x74/1375+2Gloss Black14HD317
14x74/1155+2Gloss Black14HD319
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications.

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