Maximize Your Mud Potential

The legendary mud performance of the Out & Back Max tire is now available to mount on 20-inch UTV wheels. The new lightweight, 9-inch wide Out & Back Max’D tires are here to serve your mud lifestyle with all-around high-performance traction and aggressive style.

The new Out & Back Max’D features stepped, 1.5-2.0 inch deep all-terrain tread that tracks through mud and cleans well, plus a durable and lightweight 8-ply-rated carcass, and a deep rim guard that will protect your stylish wheel investment. Three sizes are available — 33-inch, 35-inch and 36-inch — all to wrap around 20-inch wheels like the STI HD10, and the new 20-inch HD4.

The STI Out & Back tire family includes a range of sizes for ATVs and UTVs, and they’ve proven to be all-around performers, with the Max tires excelling in deep mud.

  1. 9 inches wide, made for 20-inch wheels.
  2. Lightweight, aggressive, 8-ply rated.
  3. Massive rim guard protects your wheel investment.
  4. Stepped, 1.5 – 2.0 inch deep tread blocks.

Sizes & Specs

Out & Back Max'D
33 / 9-20833.21.5-2.018.01092 lbs.42.9209-2050
35 / 9-20835.21.5-2.018.01236 lbs.48.4209-2055
36 / 9-20836.21.5-2.018.01335 lbs.51.3209-2060
See vehicle label or owners manual for operating pressure

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