Small Means Growth for Tech 2 MXC Tires

STI announces five new sizes of its Tech 2 MXC tires, growing the off-road tire line with sizes for smaller off-road motorcycles. The extremely versatile Tech 2 MXC intermediate terrain tires deliver exceptional performance and value now for rims as small as 14 inch.

The Tech 2’s 4-ply carcass yields an ideal balance of durability, handling and ride. Its advanced rubber compound displays an exceptionally low wear rate, while its semi-wide tread pattern offers outstanding loose-terrain traction while maintaining control on hard pack. The dual compound and stiff lower sidewalls maximize durability and help extend tread wear.

The Tech 2 MXC’s new sizes are 70/100-17 and 70/100-19 for the front, plus three new rear sizes including 90/100-14, 90/100-16, and 100/90-19.

STI Tech 2 MXC rear profile-1200pxThese new tires, plus the other five sizes of Tech 2 MXC tires, are available now at authorized STI retailers. Visit for more information.