Motocross Action Gives STI Tubes 4-Star Rating

mxatubestestThe test riders and writers at Motocross Action Magazine have a reputation for calling it exactly as they see it. Mincing words is not part of their editorial policy. MXA’s product evaluations can make or break a company.

So when the August 2013 issue slipped though the mail slot at the STI Tire & Wheel office, we couldn’t help but notice that our hands were trembling a bit. We knew that MXA had been testing our new off-road motorcycle inner tubes, and had heard that an evaluation was forthcoming.

And there it was, on page 82. Our eyes dropped to the lower right corner of the page, where the “MXA Rating” box always is—the bottom line, so to speak. Woohoo! Four stars! Considering a maximum 5-star rating in this publication is as rare as sashimi, we could not have been more thrilled.

The editors understood the whole goal of STI’s motorcycle tubes: unparalleled reliability at unmatched price levels.

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