The New X Comp ATR

Introducing a tire like no other. The all-new X Comp ATR is here.

Underneath that merciless tread pattern is a two-stage, 10-ply rated radial carcass featuring dual steel belts with nylon cap plies and polyester carcass. This unique LT-inspired design achieves a higher level of strength and ride comfort than any other UTV tire and exceeds DOT requirements.

The large footprint and multi-angle shoulder treads make massive traction in intermediate to hard terrain and at any direction angle. The advanced two-stage radial carcass provides greater uniformity and balance, and absorbs choppy terrain for superior ride comfort. Heavy-duty steel-belt plies increase durability, and a super-deep rim guard defends wheels from abuse. Toughness, comfort, and high-mileage durability; that’s the STI X Comp ATR.

All-new X Comp ATR tires are available now in sizes from 28-inch up to 32-inch. X Comp ATR UTV tires are distributed throughout North America by MTA Distributing and Motovan.


28 / 10R-14, # 209-1625, 40.6 lbs.
30 / 10R-14, # 209-1627, 43.7 lbs.
32 / 10R-14, # 209-1629, 47.8 lbs. 
32 / 10R-15, # 209-1647, 47.3 lbs.