Moab – Rally On The Rocks 2016

The 2016 Rally On The Rocks (ROTR) was a huge success, and STI was again proud to support this event, now one of the most important rallies nationwide. Roctane tires are the chosen treads for a majority of Moab riders, but since we introduced the Chicane tires, riders now have a true “dual sport” tire choice that they can operate at lower psi in the rocks and that is durable enough to tackle Moab’s toughest trails! Thanks to for offering attendees test rides on STI tires – the new Chicanes were quite popular during these test ride sessions, and we now have many new and happy STI customers.

Along with meeting great people and connecting with old friends, our favorite part of the Rally On The Rocks is heading out for rides and doing a little product testing while enjoying the stunning beauty of Moab. Check out the gallery below so you can see the beauty of Moab, and we hope it entices you to attend next year’s ROTR. We hope to see you there.