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Talon: Perfect Fit. Right Width.

When Honda released the Talon, we knew we needed to own one – for testing! And have we ever been testing. That started with fitment. We have the tire-and-wheel setup you need to keep the same track width front and rear, allowing the Honda Talon UTV to handle like it’s designed, with an STI-proven boost in strength and traction. The HD9 Beadlock uses a 10mm thick beadlock ring secured by 5/16-inch grade-8 hardware for extra strength.

You can see the setup includes our HD9 6+1 wheels in front, with the HD9 4+3 offset wheels in the rear. Wrap them in a set of 30-inch Chicane RX tires, and this Talon is ready for anything.

Front: HD9 6+1 15×7 wheel, with 30 / 10Rx15 Chicane RX tire

Rear: HD9 4+3 15×7 wheel, with 30 / 10R-15 Chicane RX tire

You can achieve a similar setup with 14-inch HD9 Beadlocks (and 30 / 10R-14 Chicanes); part numbers for both wheel sizes are below.

HD9 6+1 (+50mm offset)

  • 15×7 – 4/137 – Matte Black / Machined – part # 15HB908
  • 15×7 – 4/137 – Matte Black – part # 15HB928
  • 14×7 – 4/137 – Matte Black / Machined – part # 14HB908
  • 14×7 – 4/137 – Matte Black – part # 14HB928

HD9 4+3 (+0mm offset)

  • 15×7 – 4/137 – Matte Black / Machined – part # 15HB909
  • 15×7 – 4/137 – Matte Black – part # 15HB929
  • 14×7 – 4/137 – Matte Black / Machined – part # 14HB909
  • 14×7 – 4/137 – Matte Black – part # 14HB929

See our HD9 and HD9 6+1 product info for fitment and part numbers on other UTV brands. The HD9 Beadlock Wheel uses a 10mm beadlock ring, secured by 5/16 Grade 8 hardware for durability. With two finish options, Matte Black and Matte Black / Machined, the HD9 wheels are available in several sizes, including: 14×7, 14×8, 14×10, 15×7, 15×10, and 18×7. Plus, each wheel includes a bolt-on center cap and pre-installed valve stem with black sleeve and matching cap. And color beadlock ring options are available in 14 and 15-inch sizes.

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